Björn Ischi's Shade Lamp Light

Björn Ischi Presents The Shade Lamp Light

Björn Ischi, the thinktank behind the award winning work SHADE LAMP by Björn Ischi says, Who does not remember Grandma in her armchair knitting, and just beside her the old lamp with the cloth shade? Perhaps not very clearly, but it does bring back childhood memories. SHADE works without any switch, a simple touch on the “light bulb” is all it takes to dim the luminosity as you wish, or to turn it of. This innovative lamp has a true recognition value and universality; its various facets allow it to appeal to everyone. The lamp bring several generations together, past and future. In a room it can be reserved, sometimes a little shy. Björn Ischi.

Björn Ischi's Shade Lamp Light Images:


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